Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I don't usually put links to other stories... mainly because I am not actually sure if it will work, but most probably it's more of an ego thing, but this article by Billy Crystal on writing I thought worthy.,0,4186085.story

Not that he, one of the most fortunate people in the world probably, needs more attention but you gotta love a guy in his position who can still admit that he's scared, is married to his original wife and has a sincerity that makes all his accomplishments and prosperity seem natural and not easy to begrudge. If only all people who were doing the things you wanted to do but didn't succeed at were so. It would make failure just a little easier to swallow.

Speaking of, this thing, failure, has been on my mind for years now. Primarily because I feel as if I have failed to achieve almost every professional goal I have set out so far. Or maybe my goals were not concrete enough, or not achievable in the first place. Maybe I mistook for talent and passion what was just ego and aimlessness.

I had a thought, this morning, as I was driving into work which just popped into my head: "If at first you don't succeed, change your perspective. You probably have already succeeded at something, you just haven't noticed." I willed it away but it kept sneaking back and repeating itself. I certainly hope it's not one of those new-agey cliche-y missives that I have grown so weary of. It's not that I mind them so much, I grew up in the Bay Area afterall where one is surrounded by new-agey, hippie, peace-love and understanding man, so I get it. I really do. I like it, it has its place. But frankly the power of positive thinking has been taken over by too many who have jumped on the bandwagon of this sort of emotional healing and refuse to get off, take a walk or look around. Its not a lifestyle, its a tool. One that is useful in quiet moments few and far between. That is when its effective. Its not an EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE deal. Like anything in too large doses it becomes repugnant.

And so, I am not sure what this little saying that keeps swirling around in my head is supposed to mean or do for me. Maybe the obvious, "change your perspective", would be a no brainer, eh? Or maybe its just the product of waking up hours earlier than you normally do having been up a good portion of the night with a sick baby. Maybe a little of both.


ass2006 said...

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demondoll said...

This question has now been rattling in my head for days- I've been reading the same sort of articles about "follow your passion" and am still stymied. I thought I might even have to post on the subject... it's bothering me not a little!

Yella said...

Post DD! Post away! It's almost a pyramid scheme isn't it? I mean half the time you see someone who just wrote a book about "Following your passion" or "You can do what you want to do and make money" or "Fill In Other Lame-o Title" it's written by someone who's is a 'consultant' or 'lifestyle coach' which means, they wrote a how to book about something they never did! I would read a how to book by Martha Stewart, or Bill Gates or someone who actually DID it. But I get perturbed by those people who just have 'positive thinking' or 'wisdom' to share. Blech! And doesn't it all begin with "write down what your fears are, seeing them on paper will empower you". Bull**&%! I say!

It's like when I inquired about a work from home job and the woman called me about the job. I asked he what she did, since she had exactly the same job I would have, and she said "Call people to tell them about working from home opportunities" and I asked he what exactly those opportunities were and she said "Well, for a nominal fee we will send you a book of companies that hire people to work from home" And what do these companies do, for instance what was in the book you purchased? I ask and she says "Well, companies like this one that call people about working from home".

Call my cynical, but I think the whole self-help/find your bliss industry is just as much a scam as that.

And in other news, Deepak Chopra is going into television... typical.

Anonymous said...

Holy CRAP! That's what your above response inspires in me. -Arianna