Monday, January 09, 2006

Apparently I have been tagged...

7 things I can't do
  • Clearly (here's your answer demondoll), dress myself properly
  • Lose weight, apparently
  • Find time and/or motivation to paste pictures into a photo album so that I won't (just as my mother did when I was a youngster) say to my S.O.s when they are older, "Mmm, no I don't know when that was taken and no, I am not sure which of you that is"
  • Dance, anymore... I mean the real Martha Graham kind
  • Math, although sometimes I get a brain fart and do it correctly
  • Remember my mother's birthday
  • Hold a grudge
7 bad habits
(Isn't this just basically the same as the above?)
  • Picking my skin
  • Calling myself fat
  • Obsessing over chin hairs
  • Picking my skin
  • Eating sugar
  • Ignoring my appearance (in the larger sense, not in the miniscule chin hair sense)
  • Picking my skin (I know, it's gross... but there it is)
7 fave tv shows/movies
  • Lost (thanks to Brother-In-Law for getting me addicted)
  • Location, Location, Location - on BBC America and its American counterpart, House Hunters (although they never give you home prices so somewhat less satisfying)
  • NOW on PBS
  • The English Patient
  • The Colbert Report
  • Supernanny and Nanny 911 (because it's always fun to believe that you are a better parent than 'those' people)
  • Whatever's on Turner Classic Movies
7 things i say most often
  • "Great"
  • I used to say "Everything happens for a reason" but I no longer believe that, I think now that's a load
  • "I look like a cow"
  • "My God, I'm huge"
  • "Great!"
  • "Mamma says no"
  • "Great!!"
7 most attractive things about my partner
  • Well, he used to have beautiful hair but he won't let it grow anymore... bummer
  • His sense of humor
  • His beautiful eyes, but I can't say as I appreciate much his current 'serial killer' glasses that cover them up and he won't wear his contacts much... bummer
  • That he has no problem changing diapers
  • He does dishes and laundry
  • He always says "We'll figure something out"
  • He's a kind, kind soul
7 randoms
  • It really irritates me when people say "Follow your passion and the money will come" because that's a load and the only people who say that have money and have already succeeded
  • I want to make a documentary on failure because we never celebrate it in this country, so consequently we all feel like losers in some regard because nobody ever talks about it and, a documentary about stuff because people have too much of it
  • I want to be wildly successful at some bloody thing before I die!
  • I just read in the Sunday Parade that I am supposed to now, because I am 40, be creating a 'new dream' but I can't figure out what the hell that is
  • I'm having some difficulty/trauma in coming to grips with sending S.O.v.1 off to preschool in a couple of months... he's so young!
  • I'm having my first mammogram today and I'm scared
  • I feel extremely lucky - to have been born in America - into sane-ish family - in the Bay Area where I learned early on that everyone is exactly the same on the inside - even if they look funny to you on the outside; to have really great friends all over the place despite the fact that I have not a one closer than 200 miles away from where I live now; and to have a lovely husband who loves me and two really spectacular kids


demondoll said...

You are so not a cow. And you have to stop saying it, cuz it's not funny and now you believe it. I'm telling you it's those jeans.
I love the idea of a docu about all the crap people own!
Your guy is spectacular, and you're beautiful together. He should grow out his hair to keep you happy!
go PBS!
"Mama says no" LOL!
You are so a hotmama, you just forogt!

Anonymous said...

Yella....tsk tsk. Picking scars. As a life long victim of acne...I know! Arianna

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