Friday, December 30, 2005

Is There Anything to Be Thankful For?

Not to be annoying and add too much more to the endless and mostly innane End O' Year List O' Mania but... there are a couple of things that I would like to mention about this year...

SOv.2 had her 1 year birthday this year and has grown into a spectacular toddler with a surprisingly sophistocated sense of humor

SOv.1 is on his way, if not quite well on, to learning how to use the potty and successfully wear underwear thus diminishing the resources put out towards diapering and all its sundry glory

SO has discovered the wonder of the SAM-e and Vitamin B combo to even out the moods which helps out in many areas of life, his, mine and ours

I am thankful for all the friends who have kept in touch with us despite the continued exhile in the desert

I am grateful for the visits we have been honored with from family and friends... I know its a trek and its not always pleasant here though apparently people pay through the nose to stay here on a weekend... we do have to appreciate swimming in December, especially when our East Coast family and friends are experiencing snow... (SO likes to rub it in)

I am grateful to have met some new people this year who have inspired me... it is especially nice to leave 2005 on a high note of a possible film production for early 2006 in the works... and if it doesn't pan out then at least I got to leave this year hopeful!

I am so glad that we continue in good health

I am glad that I turned 40 this year but don't feel it and was told today (thank you Judy!) don't look it

I will miss my Uncle Tom who passed away in October but am so thankful to me Mommasita for framing lovingly and giving me his last painting...

I look forward to 2006 and will probably ring in the New Year with a book in hand, nursing SOv.2, listening to SOv.1 snoring beside me in 'big bed' while SO, poor lovely, works hard for the money at the hotel where he will be dodging drunken revellers swaying down the hallways. I am grateful he will get off late, well past the time most of them will be drooling on their hotel pillows and not on the roads.

Happy New Year everyone!


demondoll said...

We love coming to see you and your family, we just wish we could do it more often.
You were a hottie at 17, and even better now. Yum.
Your Mr.Man rocks!
BTW- rain, rain, and more rain this week. So jealous.

demondoll said...

Ahem. I tagged you. Ahem...