Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I was going to write this week about the futility of it all, feeling as if I am stagnating in my job. (Oh yes, easy for you to say, "You, the mother, should be happy just to be raising your children". But you weren't brainwashed by the women's lib movement in your formative years convincing you that you were supposed to be successful in your career TOO otherwise you are a LOO-ZER!) But then, something happened. Things began to shift slightly and now there is a very strong possiblity that we may actually get a film in production. Not just that but one of the projects I would be a Producer on. That's right, full fledged, grown up title that it is, that's what I would do. Wow.

Not that it will all come to fruition. I fully expect each time something looks hopeful for it to fall through. That's not negative thinking. In the film industry that is just called realistic thinking. Staying IN the business is considered positive thinking and no other actions or statements are required to prove that you are indeed a hopeful person.

Now, I can't remember all the brilliant things I was going to write about faith and hope and the futility of planning... Now, I am just too busy planning for aproject that, hopefully will come together and if it does I have total faith that it will turn out great.

So much for pesimissm... can't seem to hold on to it when things go well. Funny that.

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demondoll said...

Wish you all the best on this and other projects!