Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So, we were experiencing more Non-Specific Fuss last night - you know pushing, not playing well, poking, prodding, generally pestering - and so I made the hard call of "no more cartoons". It is our routine to replay our DVR selections at night so that Momma can get dinner ready without much interruption (I know, I know, TV is bad, blah, blah, blah. But show me a momma who doesn't use television to placate her little ones and I will show you one stressed out momma!). When the fuss gets out of hand, no more TV (now see, if you don't have TV where's your leverage, huh?).

S.O.v.1 and S.O.v.2 were now calm-er while eating the macaroni and cheese with hot dogs momma prepared (hey, I'm not proud of it, but there it is... at least there were fresh green beans too) and just to really send home the message how awful life without cartoons can be, I let the State of the Union address play in the background.

Neither are paying much attention and we are talking nice, like a good little family when S.O.v.2 looks over to the TV. Just then they cut to a shot of Lynn Cheney. S.O.v.2 pointed a finger at the TV and said "UH OH!".....

Good girl. So wise, at only 21 months.


MattFeath said...

That's my girl!!!

WELL DONE, Baby Lady!!!


demondoll said...

I can attest- no tv at our house. And I am far from serene!!! That child runs me ragged. (Where are those old Thomas dvds?) xoxoxo