Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So, the whole insurance/medical provider thing is a whole big, honkin' pain in the ass. But of course I am sure you all know this. It's a big 'accidentally on purpose' scam. Lots of times it runs smoothly, your medical provider bills your insurance, they pay whatever amount they pay and you are off the hook for the rest (if that is the way your insurance works, like ours, if not, I'm so sorry). But then sometimes they "oops" bill something incorrectly, with the wrong billing code and oh my oh my you owe us $10,000 and if you don't pay by tomorrow, we're real, real sorry but we are gonna have to notify the credit bureaus.

UGH! And UGH again. I get a headache each and every time I have to deal with this f*&^%(& s(*#. It is never easy. And they always seem to blame the other guy. "Have them call us" and of course they never do. These people don't communicate with each other except by fax and code and sometimes it requires a phone call. But inevitably I will get one of them on the phone and they will say "It's not our job to call them. Have them call us. And no, we can't take your word for it. Yes, I am sure they told you that exact thing but we have to hear it from them." And then we wonder why people lose it and go shooting up office parks?!?!? They probably just got off the phone with their insurance company and their doctor's billing department.

But that's just my beef for the day. That and being thrown up on several times in the last 24 hours. But then that's just parenthood.

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demondoll said...

Holy sh*t, what a nightmare. Keep us posted on how you kicked some tail- cuz somebody needs slapped.