Monday, July 30, 2007

You forget...

When you move to a new home there are several things you forget.

You forget how much everything costs to set up and forget the fact that you have been a customer for decades they will extract that $30 set up fee!

You forget that you still have things in boxes from the last time you moved and you forgot what all was in there. Oh! That's where that went!

You forget that when you move to a new home it takes time to get the layout and the navigation skills to get around it. I have so many bruises on my legs. And it doesn't help that boxes keep getting moved around. Poor S.O.v.2 ran into the door the other day!

You forget about the new sounds and the first and probably through to the fifth time you hear them they freak you out.

You forget how much fun it is to be in a new place and all the dreams you have of making it pretty or functional or cool or all of the above and you wonder why you didn't do it with your last home?

And then finally, you forget where the hell you put the extra toilet paper!

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demondoll said...

I love the pix of your littles in the backyard! I posted this in your other page, but here are some plants if yuo are interested- fragrent, safe, drought tolerant once established...
you can do a great desert garden! None of these plants from Sunset Western Garden apparently need much water once established...
~trees- Acacia or California buck-eye
~Lavender shrubs and jasmine vine bear-berry ground cover
~thyme(Thymus pseudolanuginosus) is softer and smells better.