Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Only A Moment Away

Oh, it's coming. It may seem like just a small thing but it will irritate you to no end. It already irritates me in its first incarnation I've heard.

And that is "blog about us!" Some I'm-so-clever Adman or woman will someday be saying this to Taco Bell executives and Fruit of the Loom marketing departments and retailers of all stripes... Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama are already half there. It is the new version of "tell your friends about it" that marketers have been attempting for years.

They and we know word of mouth is extremely rampant and always has been. I mean don't you find, "Oh yeah, I tried that burrito. It was great" more convincing than any way they can possibly photograph beans spilling from a tortilla. They say a picture tells a thousand words... how does that go? But your friends are way more convincing...

It will not be very much longer now till the marketing world is trying to convince you to extend your mouth to your keyboard and will be begging you to "blog about it". It's annoying already, isn't it?

Thank you KCRW for introducing me to this new slogan that I am sure I can look forward to ruining my day for years to come!

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