Monday, December 04, 2006

Addendum to 8/29/06

S.O. has very graciously pointed out that I failed to mention this in my "Now it's time to stop" entry of 8/29/06 this one:

The OhMiBod personal vibrator that you hook up to your iPod... because you didn't know you needed it, did you?

I would say "only in America" but can I just point out the iGallup? Only in America, or Japan...


demondoll said...

ewwww. That is not on my wish list.

Yella said...

I know... It goes along with all that 'smooth jazz', Barry White get you in the mood music thing that I never took to in the 80s! Ick.

I've always thought having music on was sort of akin to having the TV on... someone is bound to get distracted and that's never good.